30 September 2010

Flight of the Conchords

Illustration for an article featuring Jemaine Clement.

Looking Two Ways

Traditional painting inspired by the Cubist style.

Hera and Zeus

A fun take on Jason and the Argonauts where Hera and Zeus are represented as spoilt children.

Classical Music

Commissioned by a music lover in order to celebrate music.

House of Flying Daggers

Bring back illustrated movie posters!...Poster inspired by the movie, House of Flying Daggers.


Painting in my favoured grid style with reference to Jack be nimble, Jack and the Beanstalk and This is the house that Jack built nursery rhymes.

Where's Herbie?

Illustrations for a non-fiction children's story about a missing pig dog.

Snow-White and Rose-Red

Character design and double page spread for a Brothers Grimm classic, Snow-White and Rose-Red.


Digitally painted self-portrait inspired by the Baroque period.